The ecosystem


The government certified the Competitiveness Cluster for the Water Sector on 5th February 2019. With this creation, and a detailed action plan for embarking on the cluster phase IV, AQUA-VALLEY, DREAM Eau et Milieux and HYDREOS have been able to look forward to the future together, ready to meet the challenges present in the water sector. For topics such as water quality and quantity, the group is committed to supporting innovation and growth goals within SMEs in France and abroad. 

They have also renewed their territorial anchorage, and involvement in the economic life of the following regions: Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée, Sud Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Centre - Val de Loire and Grand Est.

DREAM Water & Environment backs innovation, research, and the transfer of technology in the following sectors: metrology and environmental engineering, and alternative soil and water treatments.

DREAM has been cultivating a strong network of partners in the Centre-Val de Loire region since its creation. In order to set up the best possible environment for networking and the development of innovative projects, DREAM has founded strong partnerships with other competitiveness clusters and regional clusters.

On other Water and Environment fronts, DREAM is an administrator for Pôle Environnement (Nouvelle Aquitaine region), and a member of the Eau Milieux Sols cluster (Ile-de-France region). DREAM also signed a partnership agreement with the Bretagne Eco-Entreprises (B2E) cluster at the CGLE 2019.

In order to provide the best possible accompaniment to its members, and their development of new markets across Europe and abroad, DREAM works closely (at regional level) with the economic development agency DEV’UP, the Enterprise Europe Network, and the International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) Centre-Val de Loire.