Strategic priorities

DREAM dynamics are based on the 3 Strategic Activity Area (SAA) :


Economic actors and academics working on:   

  • Data capture methods and tools, data transmission, data collection and storage methods, data optimisation, data modelling for help in decision making (SAA 1)


  • Characterisation of the water-soil-environment system, management, evaluation and prevention of the pressures on water resources, ecological engineering and development of biodiversity (SAA 2)


  • Plant-based engineering, adsorbent materials with minimal impact on natural resources (SAA 3)


can regroup and boost their growth and development thanks to DREAM.


DREAM plays an active role in the work being done by four initiatives :

PIVOTS : Platform for the InnoVation Optimisation and Showcasing of Technology

VALBIODIV - CVLCollectivity for the VALuation of BIODIVersity

F-E-VEProfessional Association for Plant-based Water-purifying Systems

GIEP : Integrated stormwater management

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GIEP: Integrated stormwater management 

Integrated Storm water Management (GIEP) is linked to the resilience of territories, and is a major issue being worked on nationally by the collectivities. DREAM is helping The City of Orleans to begin its transition towards a greener town, and improved integrated storm water management. This is taking place through training sessions, raising awareness, field visits, support for creating community planning documents, etc.

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DREAM looks after business relations, communications and project support within the PIVOTS programme:
a set of experimental and analytical platforms based in the Centre-Val de Loire region of France. PIVOTS is dedicated to developing engineering and environmental metrology for activities which consume large amounts of natural resources. These actions demonstrate that the Centre-Val de Loire is prioritising putting the European policy for “smart specialisation” into place.

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>Download the Flyer for the 7 PIVOTS platforms



DREAM set up the VALBIODIV - CVL collective in 2015 alongside 17 other regional actors. Their objective is to showcase multiple aspects of regional biodiversity (plant biodiversity in wetlands). The collective brings together research laboratories, industrial companies and environmental protection associations. It aims to bring about collaborative projects for cultivating plants with both economic and commercial value, alongside preserving the natural environments in the Centre-Val de Loire region of France (CVL).

Link: Article from the regional observatory for biodiversity in the Centre-Val de Loire region of France

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French systems for plant-based water-purifying are gaining international recognition, and the most committed companies are developing excellent skills and expertise. It is therefore essential that we safeguard the future of this sector within France, at the same time as contributing to its development abroad.  The Professional Association for Plant-based Water-purifying Systems (F-E-VE) was created with the backing of three competitiveness clusters from the water sector, and continues to receive privileged support from DREAM.

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