Market Expansion

Bandeau France Water Team 2018

France Water Team (FWT)

Water stakeholders in international development

Water stakeholders in international development

Companies and academic institutions belonging to France Water Team benefit from the cumulated expertise of both the members of the clusters, and their partners. This helps the water and environmental markets to become part of a global dynamic, improving their economic performances thanks to:

  • The creation of consolidated international partnerships
  • Support for reaching targeted markets
  • Showcasing VSE/SME activities and innovations on an international level
  • Preferential access rates for France Water Team international exhibitions


Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)

The European tool dedicated to innovating and internationalising French SMEs

DREAM  has partnered with DEV’UP, the economic development agency for the Centre-Val de Loire region of France, which gives you direct access to the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), which supports SMEs in:

  • Strengthening, protecting and financing innovation strategies
  • The search for technology partners and business opportunities


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