DREAM is working with HYDREOS and AQUAVALLEY to step up its European efforts to increase opportunities for business, funding and networking for its members.


The federation’s EUROPE mission provides personalised, tailor-made tools for its members so that they can place their technology right at the heart of the European markets: a toolkit for “EU-Project Water” group (monitoring and identifying calls for proposals and events of interest, looking for partners, training modules, lists of project leaders or partners, etc.), and a special personalised guidance for “first-time”, “advanced” and “expert” tenders, etc.

The EUROPE mission is a dynamic process geared towards Europe aiming at increasing the number of partnerships with other clusters of interest, networks and hubs to match its ecosystem with the European system within the water sector and elsewhere. This stronger connection with the European actors is a tangible advantage for the members: lobbying, market knowledge, networking, etc.

For partners or coordinators of European projects, we can submit your project for certification so you will benefit from a critical revision by our experts and increased value in national or regional initiatives.

Centre-Val de Loire Region

DREAM is a member of the EUCLIDE Network, the regional network for innovation, development and research, led by the partners in the territory. This network aims to gather the skills of its members together to provide the best support for actors in the territory who wish to set up a European project.

Following on from the initiatives of the regional agency for economic development in the Centre-Val de Loire region, Dev’Up, DREAM provides its members special relationships with the European network ENTERPRISE EUROPE NETWORK (EEN): the European toolkit for innovation and internationalisation for French SMEs. 

Together with the Centre-Val de Loire Region, DREAM is part of the “Water Smart Territories” thematic platform, one of the smart specialisation platforms (S3) for “industrial modernisation”. The drivers of the Region are the Centre-Val de Loire Region, Aragon and Frysland. 

The aim is to strengthen the capacity for innovation of the European regions to facilitate new investment opportunities based on new technology for the sustainable management of water in regional ecosystems. This is done by creating closer interdisciplinary collaboration of the partner regions and related clusters to meet the needs of the European territories in the field of water management.  The platform will pay particular attention to supporting collaboration between industry sectors in water and ITC and will highlight the most promising innovations.


One person from the operational team at DREAM will be the “Climate” National Point of Contact (NPC) for Horizon 2020. The NPC network is steered by the Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation. This person will cover three main missions:

  • Inform and raise awareness of the funding opportunities for Horizon 2020 projects;
  • Assist, advise and train people in how the European programme works;

Point to appropriate sources of funding (European and national), likely to better meet the needs of project leaders, and to support services for these funding sources.


DREAM is a member of Water Europe, the European technology platform for water supply and purification. 

Our members benefit from:

  • Closer connection to the European stakeholders in water: industry, research, technology suppliers, decision-makers and water users 
  • A careful search for partners to integrate European project consortiums 
  • In-depth knowledge of the market
  • Powerful lobbying with the European Commission 

DREAM is an associate member of Interreg Northwest Europe projects, Horizon 2020 and a partner in an INTERREG EUROPE project.


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