Project title



14th call for R&D projects of the Single Inter-Ministry Fund (SIF)

Project summary

The goal of ZHART is to develop and industrialise planted discharge areas at the exit of treatment plants  to convert them into a genuine artificial wetland guaranteeing the treatment of micropollutants and ecological diversity.

Project partners

The Suez Environnement (lead), Lyonnaise des Eaux and Eurofins Scientific Groups, the SME Rive (Chinon, 37) and Nymphea, Biodiagnostics Unit of LERES (Health and Environment Study and Research Laboratory) at the Higher Public Health School (EHESP) and the CITERES (Interdisciplinary Academic Centre: Cities, Territories, Environment and Societies) laboratory at the University of Tours.

Total project budget

2.2 million euros

Start date

1 November 2012

End date

1 March 2015


Samuel Martin
R&D Department Manager
Sanitation and Environment Centre
Suez Environnement